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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

When Mayang starts blogging back =D

Hey hello there =)

Oh god.. I really miss blogging. But I don't really got that free time. I got actually but I almost forgot that I re-opened my blog already :P sorry laa. I'm so lazy to start all over again. So I just start blogging with my current life okay? amacam? cun tak? haha

So, as you can see, I'm now happier than before (since my weight is increases =.=). I'm fatter than before. just for your information. My weight increases every single year and every single year I'd be depress bila nak ukur baju raya kat taylor. I fuck taylor. But always love Taylor Lautner lah. haha. okay I never stop that -.-' I still in love with that guy Taylor Lautner. Woah woah. I'm wet! LOL :P Well, if you ask me about my wight, hmm I'm not gonna answer it. why? not because I'm ashamed of it or whatever fuck it is. I tak timbang pun berat I. why? Don't ask fat girls like me why -.-'

Always lah talk about me kan? So how are you guys readers? I know, my followers in this blog mesti semua dah retired kan dari read my blog since I hide for a while? haha. a while lah sangat kan? A long time! haha. No worries. I open it now. hee. I will try to update as often as I can okay? My current life now is all good. Only got few problems with family and some strangers. Family? So not going to talk here. but strangers? hmm. I don't know. There are so many haters nowadays. They keep talking bad about me. what ever fuck it is, I never care. I just don't give a fuck. Seriously.

I admit it I changed guys very often. I know, I just got that D and then I broke up. then after 1 week, I'm with another guys named I(bukan nama sebenar) but only for few weeks -.-' Maluuuuuuuu T__T then broke up for some stupid reasons. and now I with my current boyfriend that I love so much :) Well, talked about ex boyfriends. Well, I just don't care what ever shit people wanna label me. I know I should be labelled when it comes about guys. But you have no idea what I've been through. I had a very tough times when I was with that I. and now I hate him so much. I just hate him. I told you, I hate liar T__T so based on what I wrote ni pun korang mesti tau kan yang that I lied to me? not once, not twice but tons of times. I just don't give a damn anymore about him. let's Karma do it's work shall we? =)

So now, I'm so happy with my current boyfriend. Seriously, I'm so serious with him. I hope he's not like that 2 dumb guys. Amin.I'm not going to talk about him in this post. Will be posting about him soon. not now. I just let you know that I'm not single anymore je. okay? hee.

I guess, that's all for now. I need to customize my blog now. hahaha. give me some ideas to name my blog please? boring lah with "shut your mouth and listen to my words" ni T__T

Okay bye now. take care guys <3

till then,

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