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Thursday, October 20, 2011

New life =) (Part 1)

So, hey there people, bloggers, ladies and gentlemen. 
Assalamualaikum and Peace be upon you anyway =)

So, I got some times here to update new entry. it's been a long time since I update about my life kan? I mean, I update pun I shortform kan (even it's not that short) I've planned to tell you guys about this new life I had but I've been really busy with studies and life that I'm having right now. sigh.. oh well, stop bubbling, and Let's get started.

I had new life since about 5months++ ago. it's all started on a twitter. erm... not really. it's started with my bestfriend. I guess, I should tell you in a story form right? so yeah, just to make it fun :)


Zee: Babe! Since you're single, then why not kan aku kenal kan kau with a guy. Handsome doh mamat ni! My boyfriend's bestfriend!

May: Haha. sorry, not interested. Better single

Zee: Don't jump up into conclusion without seeing the pictures of him! nanti kau menyesal!

May: Oh like really? Okay we'll see. Show me who's that-so-handsome-guy that u said.

Zee: Nahh here he is. Well this is Mawi. I don't know why people call like that but the real name is there as you saw on the Display Name there.

May: OH-MAY-GAWD! He is handsome! Seriously. lol. Why am I being so gatal bila single ni? Gosh May, stay maintain jual mahal la. hahahaha

Zee: As I said. Try him! before I do! hehehe

May: Hell no, This is so mine :p

Zee: Then, make a move girl!!

May: Okay, here we go.. : "This is nice among all :D!" Okay Ive commented on one of his pictures... 

Zee: Okay wait till he replied.

*he didn't replied..


Well, back to me, the writer of the blog. So time passes, months added month by month, he never replied -.-' Upset. Really upset. Then till one day, I saw him online on facebook. Omg what a great chance I got there? I need to make a move. I'm in crush with him. lulz

Well, I can't really remember what conversation were we having that time. But well, so sad to say that that crush of mine was treat me just like a stranger-that-I-don't-want-to-know -.-' sedih bhai~

Then after that, I need to put high my dignity as a girl. kena biar laki make the first move right? Kena jual mahal! haha. Then yeah, time passes, he didn't tegur me at all and me either. it's over than 4months I guess? Perhaps yes.. Cause I have boyfriend I afterwards.. He also have girlfriendS. should i repeat? GIRLFRIENDS (S). see the Ss? haih~ 

Then, there's one day Zee was sending me a wall post on my facebook page and I can't really remember about what. but he was up and menyebok to comment it also. Lol. Okay what ever. That's another chance :p hehe. Then I found his twitter page. I follow him. But after 2-3weeks++ he didn't make any response. not follow back, so I guess, he just thatt arrogant. Sorry, my ego is high too =p

I make a decision to unfollow him back till about one month after that, I ask him his twitter account on facebook IM chat. This is just a topic to start the talk. I don't have introduction to get started. hehe. Well, this is happened;

May: hey you ada twitter eh? bak mai nak follow!

Mawi: Eh? you mayangizati kan? Bukan u dah follow i ke?

May: err? ada eh? mana ada la! *blushed* nvm. give me back your url I'll follow.

Mawi: Ok sure, here it is.

May: thanks!

Well, it's all started back from there. I took the url and follow him and after one day, he follows me back. Only god knows hw excited am I that time. but hell yeah, I have a boyfriend ='( *sigh

Time passes by. There are only few times we were talking to each other on twitter. I knew he's using a blackberry. I really, unashamedly wanna ask fr his bbpin. But I'm not that brave. Well, I didn't. 

I have a boyfriend, then I broke up after 2months++ being together and then got the new one. 1month, broke up. lulz. Then After this last boyfriend, I put plastic on my face and go find guys lol. Just to be relax and I'm afraid to say this is how I move on. Seriously. Flirting around. Say whatever you want. I'm single that time, and who cares? As long I'm not messing around with you boyfriend, I guess, it's non of your business right? hehe. 

I was really frustrated with my last ex boyfriend. I can't move on. So yeah, I started the mission, the it's-time-to-move-on mission by flirting around. On the same time I was feeling sssoooooo fuckingggg down, I saw Mawi's or Fik's tweet on my timeline. That time, I wasn't thinking about my dignity of a girl or I put down my price lower than before and put a mask on my face asking for bb pin from him. Berani tak? har har har. 

Well, he gave me IMMEDIATELY! hamaigawd! hahahahahaha I can't stop smiling. That night, we started to bbm-ing each other. hehe. at the same time, he just broke up with his ex girlfriend too =) hehehe what a chance!

After that, bla bla bla. he was giving me a nickname. Jenab? lol. we were soooo fucking noob that time. I was calling him ciko. haha. and yeah, we were replying status on bbm till my ex boyfriend getting jealous about that and he deleted me on bbm. hahah who cares? I have my Ciko already =')
Then, I wasl falling in LOVE with him when he's being sooo caring. I was about to go to cc to print a letter that I can't remember for what cause my printer was broken that night. He was so worry and ask me to go back home early. Awww~ I feel secure =') Oh god, from that time, my heart skips a beat when we were bbm-ing :) hehe. 

Then bla bla bla~ Yes I falling in love without meet him. I admit. Toldcha, a caring guy can really catch a girl's heart =')

Bla bla bla.. We were decided to meet each other and BUM! here we go, the first date =D

First date? wasn't as what I thought. Well, I've been in so many first dates, but this one, not as what I expected. He is soooooo PSYCHO! Omg, I just never have been this shy on a first date since I'm that type of hyper girl right. No no, this is soooo not cool. I don't know why, but he started to piss me off. but then he calm me down again. Till the last minute of our met, baru la nak rasa the love of each other. Baru rasa taknak lepaskan :p hehe.

Bla bla bla. We met we dated, we call, we bbm-ing and so on, then another firework's up, BUM, June 9th 2011 is the date we officially in a serious relationship =)

This relationship is real, and soooo I don't know what to say. I just can feel the different than the other relationships I've been through. The way he's care about me, the way he makes me feel the love, the way he makes me smile and laugh is sooo different. I can't stop thinking about this. He makes me don't wanna leave him. EVER!

I know, it just a 4months relationship, right? But you have no idea of what we've been through together. the problems, the barriers are like 4years of being together. too much problems, but as you can see, we still happy together. Alhamdulillah. 

This is the first time I got a guy that is so strong being with me. That is so strong and tough go through bad and goods together. He never stop from saving our relationship. and that is what I love about him, the most =)

It's been a long time since my life being this happy =') Thanks sayang.. for everything.

So, if you(sayang) read this, I don't have any other words anymore to tell you how much I love you and I'm not that good in writing a love poem for you but this three words, I hope you'd have understand what I meant, I LOVE YOU. yes, I said it. I love you so much sayang. To the highest. I swear. I would do anything, everything for you. I would go all the fires and storms just for you. I know, this is kinda weird when I say this cause I'm not that jiwang hearted. haha. So yeah, I love you sayang, once again I said cause I will never get enough of it. It's my favourite hobby now to say how much I love you. I will never leave you. I won't. Thanks for everything you have done. Thanks for make me smile. Thanks for all the rainbows you brought into my life =) I love you baby. I do <3

p/s: it's a long time of processes kan our relationship ni? I know it took a long time to start evrything :p but finally, we are happy together now =D

.....end part 1......


Well, as you can see, the title is new life PART 1 right? there's another one part I will write in here soon or sooner. I bet it will be a very long entry. So yeah, wait and see. I will write and post about the new life he brought me in. the life me with new friends =) hehe will write in anytime, wait and see kay dear readers?

I let the picture of my boyfriend and I below to be the end of the entry kay? see you guys in part 2 =) byebye. and take care <3

till then,
Mayang Izati Ibrahim binti Daud.
Muhammad Zul Fikri bin Zahlan's

Friday, October 14, 2011

The hero of my life

I hv no words to be expressed. Let's the pictures above, tells :)

yes, I choose him over everybody else. He's my boyfriend, and my bestfriend ;')

Please somebody stop me :p



okay sumpah rasa nak gelak lagi~ ahahahahahah

ok stop mayang! syaitonn! okay, first of all, mestilah adat kita sebagai orang Islam or even non muslim also, beri salam, kan? Assalamualaikum bloggers :)

So, ya, mmg rasa nak gelak sgt. why? sebab bila check my last update was 2 months ago~~


okay, I should stop now. sorry people. I know, you guys mesti rindu dekat blog I kan? lulz~ hahaha. no no, I yg perasan lebih ada orang nak baca my blog :p kan? haha. ok nvm. sorang dua pun dah elok dah. saje2 je nak update blog. this is soooo not a blog to share about common things that happening around the world. Blog ni is just about my life and sometimes, I bajet bajet macam blogspot ni macam tumblr sbb i tak suka nak main tumblr, so I post la those tumblr things kat my blog :p so jadi la ia, tumblog. cool aite? no no. okay tak cool. dah diam. aku mmg otak tak creative langsun. okay langsun pulak tu. sumpah tak perasan. then malas delete. hahah. kbye

Okay, I saw my sister, sent me a comment on my chatbox suruh I delete my previous note yg i put at the top of my page ni kn. So last year =p haha okay I dah delete. Well, PMR is sooo OVER! should I repeat? yeah~ O-V-E-R! hikhikzzz. lulz. Okay nowadays, I would like to be a rempitszz la. I don't why. kinda interesting kan? hahahaha. lulz. okay I should stop the lulz-ing things. it's now funny aite? lulz. okay I said it again. lulz. okay, again. lulz lulz no no stop it mayang -_- lulz. okay I guess, I just can't >.< sorry for being me =p

So, PMR is so dead. I'm the one who kill it. Serious bangga, bangga tahap bangla. Okay I didn't mention anything. Don't blame me. Okay I know I just did -_-. sorry peeps. Well, PMR? I shouldn't talk about it no. it's over, and it hv been my past. I don't interested to talk about my past. lagi2 pmr. selama tiga tahun haa aku berlwan dengan dia. last2? mati jugak. no no not really die la. but dah nazak. I just got a call from PMR. katanya nak repeat fight nnt. bulan november katanya. dia nak keluarkan result dia. heh. lu ingat wa cuak sangat ka? haha okay mmg cuak. ketaq lutot ceq. haha. no  skrg dh freedom, so I nk guna my freedom-ness ni betul2 then bila result tak elok, then I guess, kalau kena grounded pun at least dah enjoy :p but I don't know I can enjoy to the max or not. sebab I have a problem. yelah. memang dengar  A PROBLEM. tapi A A pun besar tau =( hemm.. mmg taknak cerita sini sebab it's a family problem. won't talk it here. it's a sensitive case. okay dah dah forget it.

So, my life? was not that good. why? sebab benda tu la. dh la tu -_- kata nak lupa kan. haish~ okay done done.

I have a good life with my friends. school? lagi bagus haa.I never feel this good towards school sebab yelah dah habis pmr bapak best haa :P hehe. well, boyfriend? hmm too much barriers but alhamdulillah, we're still good. kita orang dah 4months pun being together. I know, it's only 4months kan? but for me, it's kinda a long term relationship. nanti 5months, then go on till married. hehe. gatai nooohh :p

I'm sorry for long time tak update my blog. I'm kinda busy with nothing. lulz. haha. okay I ada commitment kay nak buat tu yg susah :p haha. Okay done done. I have smtg to do after this. so I mmg tak boleh nak update gila2 sangat. just by celebrating with blog abt PMR's funeral je. hehe

My life is interesting with  these peeps yg rock my life. I love you guys <3

  • Mr Boyfriend, Zul fikri
  • Alisa Yusra
  • Zetty Aqilah
  • Bella
  • Alia
  • Aidatul Sofea
  • Kak Muaz
  • Kak Sha
  • Abang ess
  • Shan
  • Ucop
  • Qyy
  • Naim
  • Iyoul
  • Mieh
  • and all the ssmc =)
eh eh eh btw! ada orang cakap itew dah kurus :p wek wek :P meh nak tepek gambar baru itew :p

lebihh kurang je gambar aku pose -_-
p/s: meet you in another entry, InsyaAllah will be ASAP!

Lotsa love from me,