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Monday, November 7, 2011


Hey guys!

Well, sorry for not updating but I'm so busy nowadays. this is just a short entry for you guys. Just to promote my shop. hikhik. Come have a visit here. We don't have blog but only facebook page. So if you're interested with accessories (for girls) and silicones/hardcase/softcase for BLACKBERRY kindly pay us a visit here k :)


Here some pictures I include in this entry or you guys k :)

Cute necklace you can get. Price are between RM15-RM22 !!

Bangles with many other colours you can get. Price are between RM10-RM20!!

Hair Clips with price RM8each :)

and below are silicones/hardcase/softcase for blackberry. We got almost all type of bb here. just visit us and ask me which one you want :) so many rare and cute one besides all of this. trust me, you will hv no idea which one to choose :p hehe. Bold1 bold2 bold3 bold4 curve2g curve3g javelin torch all of them!! come to our shop now!!!