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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Good bye, sister =')

hey hello there

Let just straight to the point. My sister just left home yesterday. She's further her study. Not so far, still in Malaysia. At UiTM Alor Gajah, Melaka. It's actually awkward when she left. But chill! I act cool =') Well, now something? We never get far away. Always together since we're sharing one room. So that's can be the reason why we're too close, perhaps? 

We're close ever closer when the 'family-problem' came. She cry, I'll cry too. She knows everything and I maybe know everything. Even though sometimes, we had that BIG fight, but we still care for each other. No matter how harsh the word that out from our mouths, we still good. haha. Always. I can feel it. I mean when she's not home anymore. Maybe wait for her holiday. I know alone at this room. feel the heaven-ness but also lonely. haha. I know I lover her =')

We had a fight a couple of days before she went. I was so mad. but I know, she's leaving very soon. So I apologized her. I said sorry and I was crying cause I don't know why. Maybe a little bit upset cause I made her mad at the tough time of her. I'm sorry kak uda. I didn't mean to do that.. I don't know. I'm sorry

Well, I'm proud that she made it to further her study. As you said, you'll further your study. Even though, it isn't the course you requested for, Account, you just need to try. Prove it you can. Congratulation for the success you made. I'll surely be the next who be in University. I promise ! =D

Yesterday, My family and I were sending my sister to her College. My first brother didn't follow cause he got training in the evening. So, only me, my mom and my second brother that send her there. The others that follow are, Kak Zura (wa), Eva and Alfie. Alfie was crying. Even though I don't have any prove to show, but I know, if he ain't cried yesterday, he'll cry now. hahaha. Well, who can stand that? I mean, boyfriend mana yang boleh terima kan? But he needs to. Be strong abang. I know you can =') He sent me a text yesterday saying that he can't hold his tears any longer. I know what he feels. They never separated. I mean, the meet almost everyday! How can they meet if my sister isn't in KL? Kesian abang. I know how you feel. You're her boyfriend. I'm her sister, we share the bed room, since I was 9? I guess? I can't recall. So I know what you feel. cause I feel the same. Just be strong. And protect your relationship. I hope you guys made it.. Amin..

So I don't know why I'm so sleepy yesterday. Guess I slept on 3am something then woke up at 7.30am something. Then in car, about the quarter of the way to Melaka, I slept till reached there. and then I helped kak uda kemas her things thingy, then go register here and there. About 3hours we were there at the UiTM and then when we on our way home, I slept.. yes, again. till? till we reached home! Like seriously. and then when we were home, I bump into my bed and continue sleep? hahahaha. again. yes. and then around 10.30pm something Sayang wakes me up and we were on the phone and bbm-ing each other until 4am, I guess. I can't remember and I'm sleepy. then I went to sleep. Wow. I sleep... sleep.. and sleep. haha.  I'm so sorry kak uda for not spending the last time together.

I don't know why, but we were act like we're cool. We just shake hands Maybe we are cool =) aite? only mama can make she cry.. I know that. Kesian alfie. He must be lonely starting today. I really pity of him.. I hope that god will help them in their relationship. Hope that nothing's bad going to happen. Amin..

So I guess that's all for this time entry. Let the pictures tell the story la okay? I paste some pictures below. Let's check it out ! =D






Last picture together. *I know I'm ugly

p/s: sorry for the unorganized pictures. I don't know and I don't understand blospot's new font T__T tefakk? As long as you can read, right? =D byeeee


till then,

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