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Monday, June 20, 2011

What we get from all of this?

Hey hello there!

So, after you read what I'll write below, if your answer is 'laugh', GIVE ME TEN! I agree (Y)

There is one thing I want to share with you guys. But I can't really tell you the real story since it will becomes a sensitive case and I don't want to be the one who's going to face that 'shit'. But I know I'm taking the risk. haha. I just wanna share with you guys. I've planned this, for a long time ago but always forget. Since I was 13 kot but this time, I remember and I'll share with you guys. Not really, 'share' but I'm asking you..

Here is the place where I spent the whole weekdays. and seriously, I'm rarely go to the toilet because of these reasons;

  • dirty
  • smelly
  • sometimes, there are some annoying girls inside there menyalak tak tentu pasal
  • far from my class
  • not looking good (full with handwriting)
and some other reasons.. But the listed above are the main reason why I'm don't want go to the toilet. But, this morning, my friend, Theinushia was really need to pee. She can't hold it any longer. lol. so I decided to accompany her to the toilet. and since I bring my phone kan, so while she's pee-ing, I captured some pictures of the handwriting inside the toilet. I just really can't stop laughing. Okay, I bet, you guys too =D

So, let's check it out the pictures!

1st Picture
what makes me laughing so hard is when they even reply every message that other people wrote. haha. So funny. If you don't get it, then let me put down the dialogue. 

Black Marker: 1Maju --> Faizah bohsia asyik bawak kain yang sama hahaha...

haha. I laugh when I read this. bawa kain yang sama? so lame. but the writer is lame too. I agree with the blue marker too. haha

Blue Marker: Psal kain pown nx kepoh ke? 

Which means, PASAL KAIN PUN NAK KEPOH KE. biasalah. mmg rempitszzsszzss bersepah-sepah kat situ. haha. Well, I agree with the blue marker too. what is wrong? the black marker shouldn't kepoh abut kain and write it down on the wall in the toilet. nak kencing pun tak senang la! haha

2nd Picture

Well, I guess this is the funniest one! ROFL LOL TROLOL LMFAO! hahahahahahaha! don't you get it? okay, I'll explain below;

the black marker was reminding people to not stair on the wall and she wrote it ON THE WALL and the white one was like "then, what about you?" and the black marker reply again with angry-ness :P haha she replied with "Aku nak bagitahu kau la bodoh. nanti aku boleh padam balik sial" HAHAHA! emo pulak dia kan. haha. but this is so stupid. so lame (n) no good! hahahahaha funny la weh korang ni. siap boleh reply mereply lagi. 

3rd Picture

Just focus on the black marker on the left of the picture. I don't know what's more to explain. can't u see the joke there? hahaha. I mean the bapak ayam 70 ke atas? hahahahaha. what the fuck? lol

4th Picture

Dah lah ada yang tulis pelik-pelik, merepek, main reply. yang ni? SYOK SENDIRI. haha. 

"Sume budak perempuan sial kecuali aku"


5th Picture

This one? hmm.. I thought people only type like this in text message or in the social network. Tak sangka tulis pun ada tanda ! semua. nice (n) hahahaha

6th Picture

hahahahaha! I love you black marker :P lol hahahahaha

So that's all. I don't feel like capturing all the handwriting inside the toilet kan. So I just took these few pictures to make an entry in my blog. Okay it's funny right. I don't know why. but seriously, what we get from this? if for me I'll answer my own question, people will laugh to us.  this is not cool, in fact, so lame! sound really stupid when you write like that on wall. How about you think something else to do that is even useful than what korang buat sekarang ni? tau tak nak kencing ke nak berak pun tak feel. hahahaha. #lol sorry terkasar sikit macam menggelikan je kan? but who cares? hahaha

I guess, that's all for this time entry. I need to go. My boyfriend ask me to offline on 8.50pm and it's now 8.50. So goodbye. we will meet in another entry okay? I have one story in draft. I'll finish it and post later okay? 


eh eh. jangan salah anggap, this is not a handwriting but this is the owner of the blog yang rasa macam nak menepek jugak kat entry ni. haha. sorry :P 

till then,
xox <3


Mohd Azri Hilmi Bin Razli said...

1st, pokcik cant speak english very well, but im a degree student. wat a shame..

Pokcik think all da photos r created by yourself, isnt it?

nota perut: pokcik le budak baru yang membuang angin di page orang lain.. follow n difollow..

mayang izati ibrahim said...

what do you mean with all the pictures are created by me? you mean I yg tangkap semua gmbr? if yes, then of course la :) why eh?

p/s: already followed