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Saturday, June 18, 2011

The second thing that can make me smile =)


Hey hello there!

Well, I know I've posted so many pictures instead of writing in this blog. To be honest, I'm so lazy actually but I'm looking for some ideas too. I've discovered some ideas, but the thing is, I'm not sure I should post the entry now or later. So after think so much, I guess, I just have to post it up later.

But, this entry, I'll write about the SECOND thing that can make me smile through my bad days. it's
yes, it's my cats. The two cats of mine. I'm so in love with them. Nevermind, they're no even Persian. Wanna know the history? Their mom, selalu drop by my house cause I always give her foods. By that time, the mom is pregnant. So bla bla bla, one day, I heard kitten's voice. they were meowing. rupanya, the mom giving birth in my house inside my brother's room, under the bed. I don't know when did the mom enter my house. haha. But then I bersih kan semuanya. Then disebabkan kesian, I bela lah dia orang. it's actually three kittens, but one died already =( I don't think I'm going to story about the other one sebab I'm so sad. I'm the one who buried her.. so so sad.

Okay, stop about that. let's carry on. these two cats are so funny. they always make me laugh. always. no matter how mad or sad am I that time. hahaha. one I called kakak, and one I call abang. Dorang ada lah masing-masing punya perangai. Si kakak suka menjerit nak manja-manja. yang si abang suka panjat rumah orang sebelah. hahaha. Bila tengok je muka dorang, I'll smile. They even know how to kiss just by sayaing "nak cium" and they give their mouth to us. but sometimes, if you're new in da house, thee'll automatically kiss you on your cheeks or lips. seriously :) That's why I love them so much. I never want them to be throw away. no no. please don't =(

this is kakak :)

kakak a bit kurus than abang. 

and this is abang

abang memang macam ni gaya tidurnya. 

They are so big now. dulu, keccil je smpai boleh tidur dalam my hp box lagi. but the bad thing is, they still minum susu mak dorang yg aku rasa dah lama habis. tapi tk tau kenapa still minum. haih. 

aren't they funny? hahahahaha
so I guess that's all. They make me smile no matter what. I love them so much. I'd do anything for the,. yes, not just them, even they cats out there. I'm so in love with cats, yes I am a cat lover =)
I love you guys, kakak and abang <3

Ohhhhhhhhhh ya! You guys must wondering right why they're the second reason why I'm smiling? and not the first one? Of course the first one this one guy =)

the reason why no tears rolling down on my cheeks nowadays and the reason why I keep on smiling evn in public =) I love you so much sayang <3

I guess, that's all for now. 
till then,

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