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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's a double date =D

I don't know why, but I laugh at this picture :P hahahahahahaha

Hey hello there =)

I'm finally home =DDD

So, Today? A VERY TIRING DAY! Guess what? I was late to go to school. why? At first I woke up around 6.15am then I get my bath. After shower, I still feel sleepy. it's 6.30am and I lock my bedroom door and laid on my bed. After 5minutes, I awake. It's still early right? then I continue sleep, and after 5minutes, I awake. haaa why lah I terjaga every 5 minutes ni kan. then I back to take a very short nap, but then my when I awake, it's 7.05am!! Wow! I'm not even wear my school uniform yet, my head scarf un-ironed, and buku semua tak set jadual lagi. perhhh. I'm freaking late. I was so rushing and memang kelam kabut habis. my tudung looks really stupid with a bit of kedut. Ahhh then terus suruh angah hantar. When I arrived at school, the gate already closed. WTF? haih. Then kena tahan la with pengawas. Tadi, got launching for Hari Koperasi. So, I line up with other budak lambat. haha. I was so sleepy. I fall asleep masa assembly tadi. hahaha. Then bla bla bla. as usual, what a boring event! naik class. BM, tak belajar cause tak sempat because of the event. Then BI, we do the revision and sesi ceramah about PMR yang lagi 2months++ je lagi =( then Math tak belajar. but I do the exercises. Teacher sakit tekak can't teaching. then KH? I sleep. HAHA. I sleep sepanjang KH period tu. lol :P then PSV, no teacher, sleep again. I don't know why I macam mengantuk gila today.

Then time nak balik, Shazni offer to follow me home sebab she wants to use the internet kat rumah I. Thank God! I have companion lah kan untuk balik. I hate walk alone -.-' and then Shazni followed me. So yeah, While she's online, I siap-siap nak keluar. Meet sayang <3 then I showered and kemas rumah a little bit and then continue siap2 semua. I waited for bus from 2.30pm. about 3.15 baru bus gerak. So mencanguk la kan kat bus stand tu =.= and then sampai kat bts LRT station, I waited for sayang. He was sooooo late. I'm pissed off at first, but when he came and makes me smile when I first looked at his face, I forgot that I'm actually angry. haha. Macam biasa, he makes me laugh. Aiman is with him. and Aiman's girlfriend also there. That's the reason why the title being 'double date' =)

I skipped 9trains while waiting for them... hahaha. Okay stop. We straight went to Pavilion. We ate at Oldtown White Coffee. Since I'm craving for the Chicken hor fun =D thanks sayang sebab teman I =). Then we bought movie tickets. Once again I watch KL Gangster. It was awesome. I still laugh even I've watched it for the second time. Zizan is so funny! and Adi Putra is soo machoo <3 teheee

Oh talked about movie, I had a fight with some mat rempits in the cinema. They sat on our seats! and when I asked them, there are few matpit yang nak marah saying "semuanya tempat dia" and aku dah bengang, I just said "dah kita orang yang beli". I don't know why aku jawab pendek tu je. Sumpah rasa nak tengking je. Yang nak duduk kat seat orang tu pahal kan? tak beli ticket or what? stupid assholes! eiii. Sabar jelah. then after watch movie, terus straight balik.

When I'm arrived home, angah terus ajak me go to my dad's place. So terus gerak lah kan. Bla bla bla. nothing's interesting pun.. So I guess, that's all for today =) thanks for reading my boring Wednesday's story =)

Anyway, tomorrow is the last day Kak uda in Kuala Lumpur. Cause she'll be at ALor Gajah Melaka to further her studies. I'm a bit touched inside and I cried a little bit. Yeah, we never separated for a long time. This time, it will be quite long right? I'm home alone lah after this... Tomorrow, I'll be following my mom and my brother sending her to Melaka and I'm skipping school.

p/s: there's no picture masa keluar tadi and I don't know why -.-' haih.

Okay, I guess that's all for now. I will post another entry =)

till then,

since I rasa nowadays, I'm being so sleepy la. Sampai kan sayang called me 'Minah Mengantuk", so I put this picture up ! =D cheers

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