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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Eh, I still use lah this blog!

hey hello there!


So, long time no see huh? haha. sorry! my internet connection fucked up! seriously! I can't even sign in to my facebook account. This time is my lucky time I guess. So I took this opportunity to update my blog. but this is not going to be a long entry(maybe).

If you guys haven't seen my tweets or facebook status updates, let me tell you something stupid, my line has been barred -.-' my dad haven't pay yet my bill. benci -__- I'm still waiting for my dad to pay my bill. haih.

My life, is soooooo good nowadays :D I love it ! i'm so happy with my current life. minus the stress-because-of-studies part. haih. PMR is so around the corner.

There weekends are filled with hanging out with people around me. on Saturday, I went out with my mom and my brother to Time Square. My mom asked us to have a bowling match. Even I don't even know how to play, I still offer my self to follow. hahaha. seriously. I don't know how to play -.-' I got third place out of four. haih. at first, I got strike. we played two games. I got only two strikes. toldcha I'm not good in this -.-' and we went back home and I went out again at night. went to Tasik Titiwangsa as always. Since that is my work place kan. hee. shisha-ing there and helping my brother. Then balik and went to downtown. bought some shirts. hee. and finally home sweet home :D

On the Sunday, which is, today, I went out with my beloved boyfriend =D yeayy! so rinduuuu! hee. I spent alost the whole day with him. Lepas semua rindu. I'm so in love with him. our relationship becomes even tighter ! Alhamdulillah :) We just hanging around. Dia teman I makan tutti frutti yg I ambil smpai RM34++ -.-' banyak kan? hahaha. HABIS tau! hahaha. but share la with him. hehe. then we went to Pavilion teman dia makan. I'm not sebab I ate already before keluar. I'm not hungry. then Went shisha and capturing some pictures and then balik :D naik cab dgn dia smpai train bts. hee. that's all I bought two new shawls and one new watch :D hee that's all for Sunday :D be with him already completed my day =)

so, I guess, let the pictures finished my story :)

siannn sayang I mengantuk :p

tk terasa mata aku juling ke?

that's all. kbai :D
till then
xoxo <3

Monday, June 20, 2011

What we get from all of this?

Hey hello there!

So, after you read what I'll write below, if your answer is 'laugh', GIVE ME TEN! I agree (Y)

There is one thing I want to share with you guys. But I can't really tell you the real story since it will becomes a sensitive case and I don't want to be the one who's going to face that 'shit'. But I know I'm taking the risk. haha. I just wanna share with you guys. I've planned this, for a long time ago but always forget. Since I was 13 kot but this time, I remember and I'll share with you guys. Not really, 'share' but I'm asking you..

Here is the place where I spent the whole weekdays. and seriously, I'm rarely go to the toilet because of these reasons;

  • dirty
  • smelly
  • sometimes, there are some annoying girls inside there menyalak tak tentu pasal
  • far from my class
  • not looking good (full with handwriting)
and some other reasons.. But the listed above are the main reason why I'm don't want go to the toilet. But, this morning, my friend, Theinushia was really need to pee. She can't hold it any longer. lol. so I decided to accompany her to the toilet. and since I bring my phone kan, so while she's pee-ing, I captured some pictures of the handwriting inside the toilet. I just really can't stop laughing. Okay, I bet, you guys too =D

So, let's check it out the pictures!

1st Picture
what makes me laughing so hard is when they even reply every message that other people wrote. haha. So funny. If you don't get it, then let me put down the dialogue. 

Black Marker: 1Maju --> Faizah bohsia asyik bawak kain yang sama hahaha...

haha. I laugh when I read this. bawa kain yang sama? so lame. but the writer is lame too. I agree with the blue marker too. haha

Blue Marker: Psal kain pown nx kepoh ke? 

Which means, PASAL KAIN PUN NAK KEPOH KE. biasalah. mmg rempitszzsszzss bersepah-sepah kat situ. haha. Well, I agree with the blue marker too. what is wrong? the black marker shouldn't kepoh abut kain and write it down on the wall in the toilet. nak kencing pun tak senang la! haha

2nd Picture

Well, I guess this is the funniest one! ROFL LOL TROLOL LMFAO! hahahahahahaha! don't you get it? okay, I'll explain below;

the black marker was reminding people to not stair on the wall and she wrote it ON THE WALL and the white one was like "then, what about you?" and the black marker reply again with angry-ness :P haha she replied with "Aku nak bagitahu kau la bodoh. nanti aku boleh padam balik sial" HAHAHA! emo pulak dia kan. haha. but this is so stupid. so lame (n) no good! hahahahaha funny la weh korang ni. siap boleh reply mereply lagi. 

3rd Picture

Just focus on the black marker on the left of the picture. I don't know what's more to explain. can't u see the joke there? hahaha. I mean the bapak ayam 70 ke atas? hahahahaha. what the fuck? lol

4th Picture

Dah lah ada yang tulis pelik-pelik, merepek, main reply. yang ni? SYOK SENDIRI. haha. 

"Sume budak perempuan sial kecuali aku"


5th Picture

This one? hmm.. I thought people only type like this in text message or in the social network. Tak sangka tulis pun ada tanda ! semua. nice (n) hahahaha

6th Picture

hahahahaha! I love you black marker :P lol hahahahaha

So that's all. I don't feel like capturing all the handwriting inside the toilet kan. So I just took these few pictures to make an entry in my blog. Okay it's funny right. I don't know why. but seriously, what we get from this? if for me I'll answer my own question, people will laugh to us.  this is not cool, in fact, so lame! sound really stupid when you write like that on wall. How about you think something else to do that is even useful than what korang buat sekarang ni? tau tak nak kencing ke nak berak pun tak feel. hahahaha. #lol sorry terkasar sikit macam menggelikan je kan? but who cares? hahaha

I guess, that's all for this time entry. I need to go. My boyfriend ask me to offline on 8.50pm and it's now 8.50. So goodbye. we will meet in another entry okay? I have one story in draft. I'll finish it and post later okay? 


eh eh. jangan salah anggap, this is not a handwriting but this is the owner of the blog yang rasa macam nak menepek jugak kat entry ni. haha. sorry :P 

till then,
xox <3

Saturday, June 18, 2011

quotes #4

3 things you cannot recover in life: the MOMENT after it's missed, WORD after it is said and the TIME after it's gone.

quotes #3

Thanks to those who left, you showed me that not everything is forever

The second thing that can make me smile =)


Hey hello there!

Well, I know I've posted so many pictures instead of writing in this blog. To be honest, I'm so lazy actually but I'm looking for some ideas too. I've discovered some ideas, but the thing is, I'm not sure I should post the entry now or later. So after think so much, I guess, I just have to post it up later.

But, this entry, I'll write about the SECOND thing that can make me smile through my bad days. it's
yes, it's my cats. The two cats of mine. I'm so in love with them. Nevermind, they're no even Persian. Wanna know the history? Their mom, selalu drop by my house cause I always give her foods. By that time, the mom is pregnant. So bla bla bla, one day, I heard kitten's voice. they were meowing. rupanya, the mom giving birth in my house inside my brother's room, under the bed. I don't know when did the mom enter my house. haha. But then I bersih kan semuanya. Then disebabkan kesian, I bela lah dia orang. it's actually three kittens, but one died already =( I don't think I'm going to story about the other one sebab I'm so sad. I'm the one who buried her.. so so sad.

Okay, stop about that. let's carry on. these two cats are so funny. they always make me laugh. always. no matter how mad or sad am I that time. hahaha. one I called kakak, and one I call abang. Dorang ada lah masing-masing punya perangai. Si kakak suka menjerit nak manja-manja. yang si abang suka panjat rumah orang sebelah. hahaha. Bila tengok je muka dorang, I'll smile. They even know how to kiss just by sayaing "nak cium" and they give their mouth to us. but sometimes, if you're new in da house, thee'll automatically kiss you on your cheeks or lips. seriously :) That's why I love them so much. I never want them to be throw away. no no. please don't =(

this is kakak :)

kakak a bit kurus than abang. 

and this is abang

abang memang macam ni gaya tidurnya. 

They are so big now. dulu, keccil je smpai boleh tidur dalam my hp box lagi. but the bad thing is, they still minum susu mak dorang yg aku rasa dah lama habis. tapi tk tau kenapa still minum. haih. 

aren't they funny? hahahahaha
so I guess that's all. They make me smile no matter what. I love them so much. I'd do anything for the,. yes, not just them, even they cats out there. I'm so in love with cats, yes I am a cat lover =)
I love you guys, kakak and abang <3

Ohhhhhhhhhh ya! You guys must wondering right why they're the second reason why I'm smiling? and not the first one? Of course the first one this one guy =)

the reason why no tears rolling down on my cheeks nowadays and the reason why I keep on smiling evn in public =) I love you so much sayang <3

I guess, that's all for now. 
till then,

quotes #2

Every time I hear your voice, I hear another reason to keep you forever

Thursday, June 16, 2011

quotes #1

A 15 year old girl holds her 1 year old son, people call her a slut. But no one knew she was raped at 13. Make fun of someone for being fat, but you don’t know that person has a serious medical condition that causes her to be fat. Call the old guy ugly, but you don’t know if he got a serious face injury after serving the country or saving a life. Stop stereotyping and think before you start talking trash of others.

I always do =)

Just this guy ♥


no one has the right to complain about us

Hey hello there!

I'd like to share here my opinions about something that happened nowadays. About other people talk about other people's bad or weakness. I don't know why some people are teasing or insulting other people and saying they're ugly. It just that you know what? you're teasing God, that is Allah that made us. "God Makes No Mistake!" -Lady Gaga

Why is it you take it un-seriously to call somebody 'ugly' or 'hodoh'-as in malay. One question, are you perfect and beautiful enough to call somebody else in that way? No I don't think so. No one perfect, no one beautiful enough, but ALL PEOPLE ARE BEAUTIFUL.

And to girls, if you've ever wonder who is prettier, you try get up and look into the mirror. that's that girl in the mirror is prettier than anyone else could be. You just need to wake up, open your eyes. We're beautiful in any ways. Ignore what othe people wanna talk bad about us. They don't know us, and we don't want to know about them. We live our life and we're happy. a smile in our face is the sign how beautiful we really are. yes, you, the one who reads this, you're beautiful. Just smile =) we are all beautiful. Remember that <3


till then,

New wish +.+

Yes, I'm so going to buy these watch by FCUK. not all, but two or one of it <3 I love the green and pick one +.+ pleaseeeeeeeeee need some money !

Good bye, sister =')

hey hello there

Let just straight to the point. My sister just left home yesterday. She's further her study. Not so far, still in Malaysia. At UiTM Alor Gajah, Melaka. It's actually awkward when she left. But chill! I act cool =') Well, now something? We never get far away. Always together since we're sharing one room. So that's can be the reason why we're too close, perhaps? 

We're close ever closer when the 'family-problem' came. She cry, I'll cry too. She knows everything and I maybe know everything. Even though sometimes, we had that BIG fight, but we still care for each other. No matter how harsh the word that out from our mouths, we still good. haha. Always. I can feel it. I mean when she's not home anymore. Maybe wait for her holiday. I know alone at this room. feel the heaven-ness but also lonely. haha. I know I lover her =')

We had a fight a couple of days before she went. I was so mad. but I know, she's leaving very soon. So I apologized her. I said sorry and I was crying cause I don't know why. Maybe a little bit upset cause I made her mad at the tough time of her. I'm sorry kak uda. I didn't mean to do that.. I don't know. I'm sorry

Well, I'm proud that she made it to further her study. As you said, you'll further your study. Even though, it isn't the course you requested for, Account, you just need to try. Prove it you can. Congratulation for the success you made. I'll surely be the next who be in University. I promise ! =D

Yesterday, My family and I were sending my sister to her College. My first brother didn't follow cause he got training in the evening. So, only me, my mom and my second brother that send her there. The others that follow are, Kak Zura (wa), Eva and Alfie. Alfie was crying. Even though I don't have any prove to show, but I know, if he ain't cried yesterday, he'll cry now. hahaha. Well, who can stand that? I mean, boyfriend mana yang boleh terima kan? But he needs to. Be strong abang. I know you can =') He sent me a text yesterday saying that he can't hold his tears any longer. I know what he feels. They never separated. I mean, the meet almost everyday! How can they meet if my sister isn't in KL? Kesian abang. I know how you feel. You're her boyfriend. I'm her sister, we share the bed room, since I was 9? I guess? I can't recall. So I know what you feel. cause I feel the same. Just be strong. And protect your relationship. I hope you guys made it.. Amin..

So I don't know why I'm so sleepy yesterday. Guess I slept on 3am something then woke up at 7.30am something. Then in car, about the quarter of the way to Melaka, I slept till reached there. and then I helped kak uda kemas her things thingy, then go register here and there. About 3hours we were there at the UiTM and then when we on our way home, I slept.. yes, again. till? till we reached home! Like seriously. and then when we were home, I bump into my bed and continue sleep? hahahaha. again. yes. and then around 10.30pm something Sayang wakes me up and we were on the phone and bbm-ing each other until 4am, I guess. I can't remember and I'm sleepy. then I went to sleep. Wow. I sleep... sleep.. and sleep. haha.  I'm so sorry kak uda for not spending the last time together.

I don't know why, but we were act like we're cool. We just shake hands Maybe we are cool =) aite? only mama can make she cry.. I know that. Kesian alfie. He must be lonely starting today. I really pity of him.. I hope that god will help them in their relationship. Hope that nothing's bad going to happen. Amin..

So I guess that's all for this time entry. Let the pictures tell the story la okay? I paste some pictures below. Let's check it out ! =D






Last picture together. *I know I'm ugly

p/s: sorry for the unorganized pictures. I don't know and I don't understand blospot's new font T__T tefakk? As long as you can read, right? =D byeeee


till then,