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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Collecting 'love' letter from teacher is my new fucking hobby

Hey hello there =)

So, let me tell you about today. nothing really interesting happened. Oh ya, got one! I met my best friend! Zetty Aqilah Abdul Rahman =) *interesting ke tu? =.=

I woke up late today for school. Planning like not going to school, but disebabkan sempat, I need to go to school. My brother sent me to school today. I remembered he said "lama nay aku tak datang sekolah ni!" dgn muka excited dia. haha. Yeah, his old school when he was form 1 and form 2 I guess. He moved to SMK Cheras afterwards. imagine, now he's 25 years old already T_T oh okay. macam nak bercerita pasal my brother pulak kan. lol.

Then I straight go to assembly. Semua dah started. luckily I sempat =D hee. Theinush was screamed when saw me. hahaha lama tak jumpa, rindu lettew :P hehe. I was absent on Monday. syarul did scold me cause I'm not going to school. he said "yang kau dah kenapa holiday terlebih-lebih? kau tak datang esok, aku datang rumah kau!" then I was just laughing and then when I came, he's not coming -.-' *down...

Tah pape tah dia approached me with school mcm apa then he's the one yg tak datang. kurang asam betul! tapi tak apa. dah biasa :P haha. then class went well. nothing's interesting pun happened kat sekolah. Oh ya one thing! when Acap buat lawak bodoh aku gelak macam sial! haha. let's share!

Theinush's calculator was broke. Dia jadi macam when u tekan the numbers dia terpadam sendiri. Acap dengan bangganya ambil and bawa ke his place and kononnya repair the calculator la kan. Then 5mins after, he gave back the calculator to Theinush. and the calculator was just fine! I was like wow! this is cool. then Theinush dah suka gila dah siap macam "you're so engineer-to-be" kan. then tiba2 acap cakap "eh tu aku punya. nah kau punya." with his slumber face. I was laughing so hard. stupid acap! haha. Tak lawak eh? eleh korang not there face the situation. mana korang tau. kfine. tak lawak. biar lah I gelak sorang2 =(

Okay. done the stupid joke. Well, class went as usual lah. Then kringggg. balik! yeayyyy!!! Sape tak suka balik kan? hahahahahahahahahhaahhahahaha. oh okay stop...... I forgot that my maid is no longer with us. I have to walk home. ALONE. shpuld I repeat? yeah, A-L-O-N-E! Okay that can't be! I find public phone trying to call my sister to pick me up. But then Theinus yell my name and invite me with her naik kereta her dad. perhh. I sumpah blushing gila. Then dia paksa me and I naik jela jugak. then her dad dropped me at my house. I thanked her dad and balik rumah....

"Assalamualaikum.." Oh no one's shouted back. I pull off my shoes and tengok my brothers sleeping. My mom and sister were not home. I don't where did they go. But I rushing masuk bilik looking for my phone cause I forgot and tak sempat nak give sayang a text before I go to school today. so I terus la bbm him and apologize. He just woke up pun -.-' haha. nasib baik :P then I ate nasi yang mama masak. Then I tengok tv tp bosan so decided to call sayang. otp la kejap and he keep insulting me pasal I kuat tidur. grr. sabar jelah kan. Then nak tunjuk yang I ni takdelah kuat tidur sangat, tengah ngantuk ni tapi tahan je :P hahaha *okay I know he'll read this*

Tahan punya tahan, sampai la hilang mengantuknya. haha.then I saw zetty's tweet yang she's going to shisha somewhere around her place. mcm interesting je kan, so I decided to go to her house la. then siap2 and pergi lah rumah dia. At first, kawan2 dia dah sampai kat restaurant that we wanted to go tu, then her friends told that shisha only for 18 years and above. I was like, wtf? I don't care, I just go. and then bila sampai we order, and I order shisha too. At first dia macam tak nak kasi then dia kasi. haha. memang silap kalau nak main2 dengan aku :P haha. I ate fries with zetty. I don't feel like eating much sebab I've ate nasi kan before that. Then I ordered arabic tea pot which is my favourite,and shisha guava mint. wow so nice.


I went back. oh ya, that time when I was waiting for taxi, memang lama gila kan. I dah cuak dah cause there are so many rempits trying to flirt me. Dah la I'm alone. then datang sorang makcik indonesia ni kan. She sat at the bench while I'm standing kan. then I saw cab and I tahan lah kan. then suddenly si makcik tak sedar diri ni bangun and tahan jugak. THE SAME CAB! wtf?! dah lah I arrived there first, then I'm the one who stop the taxi.dgn susah nak dapat taxi nya kan. Then dia dengan tak bersalahnya terus pergi kat pintu cab tu and suruh hantar dia. I just like WATTTAAAA????!

Then dia kata "meh lah naik sekali" perh cara cakap macam lah kau yang dapat kan cab tu. nevermind, I still have my manners. Then I just like oh oay. then she said she's going to maluri. perh mmg jauh la cerita dia kan? BTS-MALURI? naik cab? mmg bnyk lah duit aku nd buang masa. tapi disebabkan takut kena kacau dengan mat2 rempit aku naik jelah. then with the slumber fucking face ask for my leg, she said to the taxi driver . "hantar saya dulu la" woah mak aih dia ni. memang minta kaki! Takpe sabar lagi. I'm swearing dah kat twitter. Fikir orang tua je. Then ikut lah dia pergi Maluri tu. perh her smell!! I can't even explain! Oh bla bla bla. We arrived Maluri, then dia boleh2 nak keluar kat pintu belah I. Aku dah panas....

Makcikbusuk: Eh nak turun ni

Mayangwangi: hesh dia niiii

Then after dia dah keluar and I masuk baik dalam kereta, I just like "SABAR JE LAH AKU" hahaha. then dia diam. bla bla bla I pun balik. Samapi rumah already :) My mood easily change. It's all about him. He's the one who change my mood back =) Dari marah, tempered gila, then terus senyum je even until now. hee.

When I reached home, I straight go to my room. perhh!!! macam tongkang pecah! Then I can't stand it, I start kemas my room. and now, I'm so comfortable with my room :D yeay! kemas already =D finally =)

Okay, that's all that happened today. *as what I remember lah* So done story about today.

I'm planning to meet him tomorrow. I really hope nothing going to stop us tomorrow =( I miss him so much. Only god knows how much =/

So yeah, meet you guys at another entry! =)

till then,

 I miss you =/

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