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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Hey Asslamualaikum Loves =)

This is me, Mayang Izati. I don't think I need to introduce myself in here. Well, I guess I should. a lil bit je okay? Since I guess, you guys mesti already know me right? I mean, you must be one of my friends or so on. Well, as always my name is Mayang Izati Ibrahim Daud. I got tons of nicknames but most of my friends did call me Mayang. My close friends at school did call me 'May', nd Gnayam (Ge-Na-Yam) which when you spell it backwards, it becomes Mayang. Actually, only Qawiem Yusman called me by that name. haih. macam-macam!

So, you got the note there? you can call me Mayang or Izati or Ibrahim or Daud.... ehhhh cannot lah. Daud is my dad's name. It's a sensitive case. sometimes.. depends on my mood. haha. Well, based on that, Ibrahim is my name. take a note. wanna know the history behind my 'it's-should-be-boy's-name' name? Well, not so history. pendek je cerita dia. Ibrahim is my grandfather's name belah my dad la. My dad maybe nak bajet2 dia tu mixed Arab kot sebab tu dia nak ikut style Arab by putting our dad's name in our children's name. So, yeah, itu memang nama dalam IC. So, I had the same name with my grandpa even though I've never meet him before *sigh

All my sibling got Ibrahim in their name doesn't matter boys even girls. That's it. Okay fine.. I know I'm a liar. I said nak make the intro short aite? but what can I do.. tolcha I love blogging. hikhik :P

There are few people that asked me to set my blog to public back. So here am I. If you have no idea who the hell this girl named Mayang, try recall back if you've ever read or visited on before? Try remember :)

Well, I guess, that is all for intro. I need to customize my blog. soon. not now. I'm tired. I will try to update this blog as often as possible. okay ? =)

Till then,

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