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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Eh, I still use lah this blog!

hey hello there!


So, long time no see huh? haha. sorry! my internet connection fucked up! seriously! I can't even sign in to my facebook account. This time is my lucky time I guess. So I took this opportunity to update my blog. but this is not going to be a long entry(maybe).

If you guys haven't seen my tweets or facebook status updates, let me tell you something stupid, my line has been barred -.-' my dad haven't pay yet my bill. benci -__- I'm still waiting for my dad to pay my bill. haih.

My life, is soooooo good nowadays :D I love it ! i'm so happy with my current life. minus the stress-because-of-studies part. haih. PMR is so around the corner.

There weekends are filled with hanging out with people around me. on Saturday, I went out with my mom and my brother to Time Square. My mom asked us to have a bowling match. Even I don't even know how to play, I still offer my self to follow. hahaha. seriously. I don't know how to play -.-' I got third place out of four. haih. at first, I got strike. we played two games. I got only two strikes. toldcha I'm not good in this -.-' and we went back home and I went out again at night. went to Tasik Titiwangsa as always. Since that is my work place kan. hee. shisha-ing there and helping my brother. Then balik and went to downtown. bought some shirts. hee. and finally home sweet home :D

On the Sunday, which is, today, I went out with my beloved boyfriend =D yeayy! so rinduuuu! hee. I spent alost the whole day with him. Lepas semua rindu. I'm so in love with him. our relationship becomes even tighter ! Alhamdulillah :) We just hanging around. Dia teman I makan tutti frutti yg I ambil smpai RM34++ -.-' banyak kan? hahaha. HABIS tau! hahaha. but share la with him. hehe. then we went to Pavilion teman dia makan. I'm not sebab I ate already before keluar. I'm not hungry. then Went shisha and capturing some pictures and then balik :D naik cab dgn dia smpai train bts. hee. that's all I bought two new shawls and one new watch :D hee that's all for Sunday :D be with him already completed my day =)

so, I guess, let the pictures finished my story :)

siannn sayang I mengantuk :p

tk terasa mata aku juling ke?

that's all. kbai :D
till then
xoxo <3

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