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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bila blog sudah berhabuk, aku mula bersin


hey fellow followers !

I'm here wanna apologize for not updating this blog for a quite a long time since my internet connection has been barred because my brother won't pay it. His laptop, spoil. that's the reason why. he thought there nothing worth it if he pay the bill. lol. padahal in my bedroom got pc -.-' nd it's automatically be an unused computer since internet tak boleh guna. haha. now I'm using my mom's laptop with the VERY SLOW broadband. mcm stupid -.-' seriously. The broadband's high speed's colour will be green colour. nk dapat green punya la susah. bila purple, perhhh ! slow dia mmg aku sempat tidur! serious! haih. stress la juga. dah lah purple n my favourite colour T_T

So, I can't really tell you guys stories since the internet connection won't let me do that. I just make this entry just to apologize and share with you a 'summary' of my current life :P hehe. well. I don't know how long it going to take to post this T_T dumbass

My life is currently really good. But PMR is ABOUT TO HAPPEN! and I'm not even ready yet! :( and Trial another 2weeks =/ damnit.. I don't know what will appear on my result paper soon =(

My relationship with my boyfriend still okay. We're passed or 1month together already :) I know, it's just one month. but It's our FIRST month so we should celebrate it. But what can we do. since our first month anniversary fall on the same date as the BERSIH bodoh tu happened so we can't even go out. We've palnned to go Genting. but something happened and tak jadi pergi. I'm actually so sad cause I thought that we could be together for the whole day since I've told my mom about that. and my mom gave me the permission to go out till late night. Sampai lah the BERSIH thingy happened.. My mom won't let me out. I just go out to Tasik Titiwangsa for working. haih. shisha all the ways. haih.

But we still go out and meet on last Monday :) hee. Thank god! I miss him so much. had a fight at first but after that dah okay dah :) heee. rindu sangat! He really did completed my day. I love him so much. He's my guardian angel =')

I can't upload the picture in here. Cause you know... the internet connection-.-' you can view the picture on my facebook. I've uploaded it. hee.

Since kita orang dah buat in a relationship status together kat facebook, ramai sangat orang yang add aku and mutual friend mesti ada dia. haih. Stalker much? It's not that I ni sombong or what. But I don't want to approve stranger sebab terlalu ramai ORANG YANG SUKA BAWA MULUT ni. Tu yang malas nak approve. Plus, since facebook ni ada friends limit, so I don't bother to make the second account just because my first account dah full with friends kan.. seriously, I'm not artist to have second account sebab terlalu ramai kawan kan. Sorry if you're one of the awaiting friend request list of mine. If you know me, then message me to tell who are you and I'll insyaAllah approve you guys =) I'm not sombong! Seriously! But you can follow me on twitter :) we can chat through there :) I'm a twitter addict. heeeeee :P

He mad a t me sebab I had guy friends more than I had girls friends. It's a fact actually. but what can I do? I'm easily get along with guys than girls. But tak ada lah sampai tak kawan dengan perempuan kan. ada lah jugak. ramai jugak tapi tak seramai laki. plus perempuan semua duduk rumah tidur awal. tu yang I tak boleh. so guys je la yang best boleh lepak malam2 and buat benda2 best. hee

So, i guess, that's all for now. will be updating new entry soon. InsyaAllah if I have the oppurtunity. I willbe REALLY busy! I repeat, REALLY BUSY! cause of the PMR is so around the corner. So I'm sorry for hold the next entry.. Thanks guys for still following me even I'm rarely update. but what can I do. I hope I can pay back to you guys for following me. you guys are so rock! I love my followers :) thanks k? We can contact each other using facebook or twitter. I've put the link up there. you can click there :) okay guys ? cool with it? hee =D

p/ss: it's not that I'm not online for one month, but BLOG already change the theme and I don't get it -.-' haih


I need to go. my boyfriend set a limit that I need to offline on 3pm! it's 3.10pm! I tak perasan -.-' haih. okay guys. take care! bye :)

till then,

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