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Sunday, August 21, 2011

What a very bad sunday ='(

Hey everyone..

Today you won't see type with my crazy-ness. Since my boyfriend is now sleeping, and I had nothing to do, I just feel like releasing my problems.. Then, I need to forget everything. I'm tired of being tired. Sick of crying. Haish. Know what? I cry a lot nowadays.. *sigh

Well, Today is Monday already. 3.48am. Yesterday was a very bad day of mine.. The bad Sunday I've ever had. Never been in that kind of situation. Let me tell you one by one about what happened kay?

Firstly, started with, I had a lots of fun on Saturday with my friends which is Alisaa, Syarul, and Syafik. Syafik? ya this is his first time hanging out to KL with us. and from an innocent boy, he's now more SIAL then us. you know what I mean? haha. Syarul si kaki bahan and menganjing tu kan mmg menyakitkan. But now, Syafik pulak perhhh mulut dia sampai kita orang rasa macam nak stapler je! grr~ Sabar jelah. haha. But That was fun. We reached KL at 2pm and then straight to watch movie. I've actually booked for our movie, but then Syafik was late and the reservation tickets hv been canceled lah kan cause we should collect the reservation tickets 45minutes before the show. imagine, The movie starts at 2.15 and we reached Pavilion on 2pm? haha! it's only 15minutes left! mana sempat! haha. Then terpaksa lah we line up to watch movie.. nasib still got seat. So the movie we choose is, Spy Kids =)

So for you guys, if you want to watch movie, I suggest you to watch this movie. It was really great. Seriously! funny, sad, adventure, and many more contains in this movie. Serious this is nice.

So after movie, we were walking around the mall. I met my sister there. Mayang Zahirah. Alisaa were shopping her stuffs. I'm not. Cause got no shopping money yet. I'm being poor girl looking at alisaa's stuffs ='( haha. Sampai kan, there is one sleeveless at forever 21, sangat cantik okay! Then Alisa bought the sleeveless and I was like "please, don't buy it =(" haha. Mana taknya! I want that shirt =( hmm. I hv some money. I brought rm150 that day. But I'm saving for rollerblade, breaking fast and shisha. So I hold my self and keep telling myself not to buy not to buy *sigh

After that, we were eating at the foodcourt. I can't remember the name of the place But it's full with Italian foods. It was nice. We give it out our rm150 for 4heads. I think, it is worth it right? cause we got 1Pizza, 3Spaghetti and some others add-on meals. Worth it, right? =)

Okay. There you go. The pictures while we were waiting for azan. Well, actually, I'm not fasting that day. I had my firstday period. Damnit.. Sumpah I don't feel comfortable =( hish. sabar jela! hurm. Okay. Then after berbuka, we were walking around lagi beli barang2 syarul. bla bla bla. we were supposed to go to play rollerblade. but when we reached at the rollerblade place, it's already 9pm. close on 10pm! only one hour. Alisa and I dah down gila babi dah. haih. Sabar je.

After that, we go to shisha at BB Bistro yang tak berapa sedap tu. haha. sebab malas nak berjalan jauh2 pergi cari tempat shisha. We were sembang2 and then kita orang balik naik cab. pukul 1130 something kot baru sampai rumah. In the cab, perh! macam apa je kita orang gelak. haha. Syafik buat lawak macam sial. Kelakar! Omg.. I really can't wait to go out with them again. Miss the moment already. haha.

There are the pictures we took at the BB Bistro. We don't snapping pictures much that time. Were too busy laughing and having fun :P hehe. I have another few pictures at My sister's camera. I met her there and capture few pictures together. waiting for her to upload it =D By the way, I bought 1 new sleeveless and 1 new half shirt that I wanted for a quite long time ago. hmm. Finally bought it =) hee

Ok, reached home and my mom told me that 'Tot' which is my kitten, dah nazak. He was so weak and struggling. I was crying so hard. I read surah Yassin to him. even I'm not 'clean' but my hands are covered with something while holding the Yassin. I read it inside my heart. My tears don't wanna stop falling. I can't help it watching him struggling. So pity of him. He's so active than his sister yang dah demam lama. Dia sakit haritu, hari tu jugak he left. hmm. I don't know why every kittens in my house died. I hope for the answer. I don't get it. I don't know what Allah wants to show to me. hurm..

He finally gone. I saw how was his condition on the last breath he took. I cried and scream calling my mom. Tell her about my cat is now gone. Then My mom balut dia using kain. We go downstairs and buried him. hurm. That was sad. it's now officially 3kittens that died in this house. First died fell from 2nd floor, second was terkepit pintu. She followed my mom to go to work and my mom tutup pintu and didn't realized that she was there. dia kecil, so tulang still lembut, otherwise, my door tu dah la berat.. That's it.. and the third is, this one. died with I don't why the reason is. Sakit dalaman.. I guess.

This is tot. RIP

and then, there is one problem happened. But not telling here. I don't want to look for a fight. So I'll never tell the story here. Well, now, Kelabu left. mati dalam dia. She was sleeping beside me actually. Dia weak but still looks okay. But then when I wanna get up to go to the kitchen, I make myself to kiss her sbb dah biasa kiss my cats. then suddenly, I can't feel she's breathing. I switch on my lamp, there.... she's not alive anymore. Died in silence.. She's the closer to be. We were so close from the first time we met. sebab dia manja.. haih.. so sad.. I buried her beside her brother's grave.. No I lose two kittens.. hurm. it's automatically turns to 4kittens died here.. *sigh

this is abu. RIP

Only two cats left in my house which is I've once posted the pictures in here. Scroll the page below. I love cats so much. I even cry every time watch poor cats at the street. hurm.. I wish I acn take all of them and make them as my pets. But my mom won't let me. Too many cats in my house. Even now only 2 left la kan. hurm.. how sad right my story? haih~

I know I have to be strong. It is a very tough day for me. I need to accept the tests that Allah wants me to go through. I believe this one sentence. "If god knows we can't go face the tests, He won't let us go through them"

So, I gues that's the story. I'll meet you guys in another entry. I'm planning to edit my blog to a simplest way. I'm too serabut with my blog theme. haha. So. Bye have a great day.

mayang izati

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