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Monday, August 1, 2011

Short entry for you guys

hey followers <3

ye ye. ok ok. ye I knowww -__-"
It's been awhile kan I tak update this blog? I'm sorry fr that. I dont hv internet connection home anymore. err I have. but broadband. You know la kan broadband speed tak menentu -__- tension tau! ish

Okay, it's first day of ramadhan! I wish you guys HAPPY RAMADHAN AL MUBARAK guys :) Hope the first day ramadhan treats you well. my day? seriously awesome :) hikhik. Mama cooked lemak telur itik which my mom cakap, that was her favourite food time mengandung kan I. it's strange when it's not my favourite now. haha. sbb time mengandung my along, mama loves to eat buah pelam. and now, it's my brother's favourite fruit. hmm

So, My life just fine. I have nothing to regret. Just semalam was the worse day. I was crying like hell. I slept late because had kind of big fight with my boyfriend. Tapi bukan gaduh sangat. cuma he release everything. Sebab dia suka simpan. ambil kau! bnyk k yg dia terasa dgn I =/ sedih. Then I can't even stop saying sorry to him. again, sayang, if you read this, I'm sorry =/ I love you =*

Yesterday (which is sunday) I went out with him. ada gaduh jgk -.-' hmm selalu je gaduh. but was just fine. I love him. My things yg I shopping dekat dia. dia terbawa balik. haha. sabar jelah. hee

But weh,  He's the best boyfriend I've ever had tau! . He's so cute =') dia still wanna stay after all of that. He keep me comfortable with him. He's the favourite thing that happened in my life. seriously! I love him so much. Thank god we're now reaching our 2months together. 8days to go ! hee. But our month anniversary is on my PMR trial and on Puasa too. So I don't know whether we can celebrate it or not.. hmm 1st month pun tak dapat celebrate. hish. sabar jela kan. Nvm.. as long as our relationship still tough then it's alright =)

My trial is about 2days from now. how nice kan? I need to stay up for study today. and tomorrow before exam coming. Terawih? I'm not going =( no one pun yg nak temankan. selalunya ada kak uda. it's first time ni puasa without my sister. since she skrg study kat melaka kan. hmm sabar je la kan. Bazaar pun I'm not going. how sad! ish

Well, I guess that's all for now. Will be updating soon. Maybe after trial. or before if I got some times =)  love you guys xox



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