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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Am I wrongly type the address above?


Omg omg omg! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I knowww! I know even me can't believe it. I don't know why am I here. lol. Of course la I know why :) I miss my blog..=(

Sorry. for rarely update this blog (like there are many readers pulak kan:P ) I know.. I've been really busy with my current life now. PMR is less than 55days! Seriously ='( Guess something? I'm not yet done prepared everything! seriously, I'm not lying!

PMR trial just passed. Alhamdulillah, so far, my result is better than my mid term exam. But not for Bahasa Malaysia.. My BM result jatuh mendadak gila. If now, mine is the highest. Not to be arrogant but I'm telling the truth. I just wanna show u how down my bm result is =( Never mind. got 1month++ to prepare now. I need to get away from the shits that not important and start focusing. I really need the 8 or 7 a's. seriously..

My English objective paper got 6wrong. 34 over 40. which I got 4 question that I'm carelessly answered. Oh god.. kill me now. haih. Well, there are 3questions that I've choose, but then I erase it and change the answer to another one. and there is one question that I wrongly tick at the answer sheet. well, that is depressing ='(

Well, let the past being past right? My life is just fine. my family just okay. my boyfriend? Alhamdulillah. we're still together. We've been together for 2months and 6days already including today which is Monday (August 16) He already met mama. Oh god I love my boyfriend. I can't stop telling story about him right in every entry? haha. I hope this one, stay forever =') Seriously.

Next, Friends. Seems like I got new close friends. syarul and Alisaa. Which already are my friends. school mates. But nowadays we were hanging out together and masuk kepala jugak! serious it's great to be friend with them. There was one day Syarul, Alisaa, and me were hanging out and we were playing roller blade at Bukit Bintang. what an experience right guys? =') Well, I've fell  A LOT of times. syarul just few times and lisa also. Mana taknya, we don't even know how to play. NOT AT ALL! but then after maybe about 1hour, we learned a little bit and we're still young in this, we just know the basic how to handle our body. That's all. haha. But it was fun! the jatuh-jatuh also fun! and I can't wait to go play with them again! I love it! seriously! haha

Aren't the pictures telling about how fun it was? :D

I had so much fun with my life. With my current life. I really thank everyone that involving or involved in my life. thank you a lot to everyone that left. I'm not even learned about nothing last forever, but I even can feel how regret am I gonna be if you guys stay :P haha. No no, joking. no offence. Well, Just don't u guys see how happy am I now? with perfect family, perfect friends, and perfect boyfriend? My life is now perfect =') Thank go. Oh ya, not forget, thanks to everyone that stays too. You guys ARE AWESOME! I love you, and I just hope I can describe it using words =')

well I guess that's all. let the picture continue my speech alright? :D

This is the time when we were celebrating that girl in purple named Puteri Maisarah or we do call her Maiyo  =) that was fun! we were chilling out together! I'm loving them too much =')

This is the time when we were hanging out together and playing the roller blade. but this is the afternoon picture. the roller blade time malam :) hee

And this is my boyfriend and I were hanging around KL on August 9th, celebrating our 2months anniversary. Had that awesome time with him. Like I've never had that awesome time with him right? =') 

Ohya, I had few screen shots here;
This is Alisaa Yusra looking for a fight with me. grrrr

Oh this is.......... =') I just love him. Yeah, we had a fight and he's persuading me la in this text message :P hehe.

Oh I also have this....... Oh---kay! this is shit. When you're facing more with BIG examination, this is what you gonna face -__-" English classes.....................

So, that's all for now. I'm done here. Well, this is me officially wishing you guys a happy Ramadhan al-Mubarak. Hope to guys, you're not skipping any day of ramadhan okay! To girls, don't use the reason and specialty given by god for something else that is not good. Another 15 (or14) days to go aite before Ramadhan ends? and Syawal's coming =') I really do can't wait for Syawal. but the saddest part is, I won't be meeting my boyfriend cause I'm going back to my kampung ='( but never mind, distance doesn't mean so much right when you love each other and stay loyal? =) hee.

So, I conclude this video link for you guys to watching. Credit to Anwar Hadi and his friend !

Click here !

Meet you guys in another entry. I'm doing a blog walking afterwards =)

So, enjoy the video! I'm out now! thanks for reading! Lotsa love from me, Mayang Izati Ibrahim


P/s: I love my boyfriend =)

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