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Sunday, July 24, 2011

hey I have some times!

Hey hello my dear followers and friend <3

So how was everything? hehe. Okay, actually, I tak plan pun to write an entry here. But I just blog walking and it's been a while since my last time reading this one girl's blog since I pun jarang sangat kan layan blog this semua kan. Okay... Know something? I'm crying now~~~~~

hahaha Weird right? why? oh I'm sensitive. ya I'm easily cry. haih. well, it's her. My friend. Nur Aiza bt. Kamalruzaman. Oh nice. I till remember her name. the real name of her. Oh how come I forget? she was my bestfriend =) It's sad right, to know it just WAS? haha. Nevermind. I never want to go back to the past. no NEVER. For me past is past. If we were bestfriend dulu, who said we can never be now? and even if we were enemy sekali pun, We still can be bestfriend now. 

Even my ex boyfriend that I hated so much, I still can tegur him and act like nothing happened sampai he thought I'm mad. haha lol. Just believe me, nothing worth for us to go back in past. Past is stay past. you can't go back to the past. You can never turn back times :) I don't even want to remember of what had happened in my past. What happened with my relationship with my ex boyfriends, with my friends, family and what happened with me and my school. Time never stop. We catch times. Time never waits for us. 

I miss my past. That is the one thing I can't deny. I miss the time I can't stop smiling cause feel the love by my ex boyfriend. The time when the first thing I did in school was gossiping, the time when I had a fought with my family because of stupid things. I miss those moments. why? because those moment that made I am now. Those moments that bring me here. those moment that brought me my current boyfriend, my great family and those same standard friends. gotta admit. I treat my friends are all same. I don't have bestfriends. I never have actually. I just have that one girl named Zetty Aqilah Abdul Rahman that I called SISTER

Why? why I don't have bestfriend? or great friends? they are all bestfriends to me. No matter if you're new or old in my life. Seriously. I know, someday, these people will walk out from my life. someday, somehow. And new people will come. Who stay, will never be as we do now. I mean, we will never close as we do now. So I just can go on with my life. I entertain, I treat new people that pass by in my life same as the old people that still in my life. and when they go, nothing's going to change me. 


I hold this quote. 

Anyway, I miss you too Aiza :) thanks for put down the ego and post that entry. That's so sweet of you. Seriously I straight menangis ni haa. haha.. Very terharu =') thanks again. and you have no idea how often did I think about us :) I miss everything :) I just don't wanna go back to the past. but Who said we can never make it as the future right? We'll see =)


So I guess that's all for now. 

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