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Friday, March 11, 2011

It's been AGES!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Hey hello hye and sup peopleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee???????????!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh god. I miss my blog so much. It's not that I don't wanna update my blog or busy. But, hmm yeah, I actually got to delete my blog. I did. eh no. not really. Not so delete lah. It just I hide my blog. It should be permanent.... but what can I do? I can't hold it any longer. I need my blog. I hate writing in books actually. Even though I actually had more than 3diaries :P heheh. When I really bored *take note, REALLY BORED* baru lah tulis diary tu. If tak, tah kemana tah dia menghilang dalam bilik ni. So, I'm planning to open back my blog to public but I'll change the URL. soon. or sooner. For some reasons that I'm going to tell you =D so, ready to hear me talk craps? read these :

Well, I had few reasons why am I hided my blog. err actually, I don't really care what so fucking ever that stopped me from blogging. But there's one reason why I need to deleted it T__T well, it's about _______ hmm cannot mention lah. nnt kena delete balik. PFFT

It's actually about there are few people that read my blog. maybe stranger for u, but not fr me. What is blog for lah kan? Blog is made fr us to write and to read, right? But there are some people that I have no idea what they want from me, after they read, they made their own conclusion and they start to spread it all over the world *not really over the world lah* oh one more time, I just don't care if they wanna talk bad about me. But one thing makes me freak out and mad *really mad* is, when they start to involve my family in there and they make my family, what we called it? huru hara. Yeah they are. Pfft. why don't you GET A FUCKING LIFE dear?

They read, they talk behind me, then they start to perli2 and try to let my family thinks I'm bad. Then my family mad to me, then I need to delete my blog. easy. So this is why am I hiding my blog this while. I'm so sorry for any inconvenience. Tired of all their dramas. They said "don't talk about Allah if diri sendiri tak betul" and me like, WTF? HELLO? Still, I remember Allah. Bila jahat je kena lupakan Allah. macam tu? Oh I see. I wonder, who's your teacher. need to ask them. pfft

So, I can't really talk about THEM here, or another war going to begin soon. Don't want. Seriously, I never even bother to disturb their life. Not even after they TOUCHED me. Seriously. I don't fight with KIDS. So, I really hope, wish, and also begging, please, don't disturb mine. Please? It's not my fault if you the one who tend to read my blog then terasa entry tu untuk kau, then nak marah. haha. I don't nd never mention anyone's name here. So, please, jangan perasan. Unless you did that. Okay? please lah. Serious, I don't need you, in my life. not even as my partner or enemy. Just act like you don't know me, nd me don't know you. kay? deal?

Let's just talk about my new life that just begun. Well, I have new life. Which, life after HIDED my blog. heh. I have new boyfriend, new happy family, and new friends THOUGH. I'm happy. in fact, very happy. Until now. I mean, not that I am not happy right now, but my boyf and I had some crisis and problems that need to be settled. I'm fine if god want us to be separated. I know it's hard, but I need to be strong and accept the fact. It's hard because.. well you know? it's when you start to love somebody then you know they're not for u and you know you gonna lose them. Loosing someone we love? wow. it's hurt, am I right? But what is life going to be without Love,Hurt,Smile,Tears etc, right? So, why don't you enjoy yopur life *but never forget to do what's your God ask you to do. For Examples; perform you prayer, for muslims, fasting on ramadhan and etc. So, what the hell is going to happen after this, I don't wanna let myself down. I'm going to stay strong, shed the tears away and go on with life. Move on is needed for life, right? so, whatcha waiting for? COME ONE! make a move! weee~

Just doakan I and him will be fine, kay? Amin. Thanks =')

School is going fine. and classmates also good. well, I need to catch up more for my studies. PMR is VERY NEAR BY! PMR is around the corner! I need to study MORE nd push myself up before something bad happened. My phone got it's new look and I am seriously love it. From White to Pink + Red. Well, I don't have the picture for now, but will do later kay? hihi. It's March already. My birthday just passed. To all people that wished me, I'm here, with full of my heart, thank you guys! I really do appreciate it. My birthday was just good. I mean, yeah really good. I got surprise party held at Titiwangsa made by my beloved boyfriend and my sisters. I love you guys, a lot! Thanks guys. For everything. That was sweet moment though ;)

For people that doesn't meet me for a quite long time, then here I am telling you guys that MAYANG is already being a BIG MOMMA. Well, I admit it, my weight increases. yeayyyyyy *not so 'yeay' la*. Even though I tak timbang pun berat I, but by lookin at my own body, everyone knows that I become chubby everyday. and yes, I hate diet. Really! it's hard okay! I don't how the hell people can do diet and losing some weights -.- The foods calling me, everywhere I go. Even though something that I've never ever wish to try. They also calling me to come near them and buy them and they want to live happily in my stomach. pfft. I know, I have a wonderful stomach. That is why lah kot foods like to be in there ? Oh, I guess, maybe because inside here,my tummy, got a playground? or theme park for 'em? maybe lah.

My face becomes chubby. In fact, A LOT! seriously. So many fats here and then all over my body. Oh I am seriously hate my body shape. Doesn't looks good AT ALL! Like seriously! pfft. poor me, huh? but, believe it or not, I'm now on my diet. The REAL one actually. finally. *eleh padahal baru dua hari T__T* I tak sentuh nasi at all for these two days. and I can see the changing. I mean, my anak in my tummy becomes smaller. Pity him *sigh

and my jeans yang ketat, is now easy to wear. Like it. hehehe. I made it! We'll see another 3months? heheh. InsyaAllah. I need supporter lah -.-' please lah teman me pergi jogging everyday, ke? plishhhh? *with the gedik face

Oh , I guess, I made the intro's entry became the karangan for SPM lah. even karangan SPM tak panjang macam ni,. haih. So, I guess that is all for now. We'll meet late on another entry. I don't feel like editing my blog for now cause I don't have that 'semangat' lah. I'm sorry for that. But I will do, later, soon, or sooner? InsyaAllah :)

Have a fun day people! Meet you soon!



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